Anika In’t Hout

Vancouver, BC

I am grade 12 student from Vancouver, BC who is interested in pursuing a career in advertising. These three portfolio pieces are connected to one another because they show my passion for both writing and business. Even before high school, I discovered that I loved writing stories and watching television commercials. From grade 8-10, I learned that I had an interest for media studies through projects like making a Greek Mythology magazine for English class and making posters for school several clubs and organizations. These pieces show a variety of the skills I have gained since learning how to use Adobe InDesign. I was the sole creator for both the Volunteer Appreciation Hoedown Event poster and the Haidaway Grand Opening poster, however, the school newspaper was a collaborative project. As the editor of the school newspaper, I was responsible for using the articles and photos from the newspaper club members and creating a newspaper in inDesign.